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B2B Email Marketing Database and Email Address Lists since 2001
Promote your company and capture your target customers among gaining insight into an email database featuring social channels is a powerful tool when it comes to finding new customers and distinguishing your marketing strategy from your competitors.
20+ years of services: so much more than just email lists

By purchasing Databases, you help your marketing strategy be safer, easier, and more effective.

We don’t just give you a list of email addresses. An extensive company profile is provided with each record, which makes it easier for you to get to know the company and improve communication.

Think of it as an iceberg: one part is visible, much more is not, but it sustains everything you get.

  • Validated Email Addresses
    Deliverability is guaranteed: no duplicate records, A/MX records check, formal validity and control of complain inclination.
    Over 2000 categorical, dimensional and structural profiling to sharpen your research. ISO 3166, ITU and Proprietary standards for over 10MM records.
  • Validity Refund Guaranteed
    Warranty means Data Security: if you encounter non-functional email addresses, we will refund you with a refund or, if you prefer,
  • Pre-supply Check
    In addition to regular controls, we verify the email data before each delivery to ensure existence and functionality Each data pass through 21 different refining and normalization processes to ensure that it is unique, up-to-date and consistent.
  • Regulatory research
    Compliance with regulations is essential, which is why we have a Legal Department committed to constantly updating on regulations://
    From pre to post sales, a real-life agent is always at your disposal with free support on the handling of your database.
  • Tracked purchases
    We record acquisitions, upgrades, deliveries. So we can provide you with data you don’t yet have , plus we know the history of each 

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