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Q  Why Should We Choose You, What Makes You Different from Other Companies?
A  We focus on only on your problem and understand what is that you exactly you are looking for and try to get the solution to your problem as soon as we can so you can enjoy your business. Which is the primary reason companies come to us and stay with us long term.We save you time and money We are always available, we always get back to our clients immediately, we don’t disappear for days or weeks like many companies in this industry.  We’ve been in this business, we know how to use barter in combination with buying in large volumes which gives us the edge over our competitors we are company that most client trust and are happy with us.
Q  How fresh are the leads you will receive ?
A  We believe in getting in fresh real-time and batched leads that are either real-time or 24 hours in age. Some feeds are a few days to a few weeks old, we get in numerous feeds so it varies.  The leads are generated by numerous sources such as lead companies, individual lead aggregators, networks, etc.  We get in more leads than anyone else because we buy in large volumes and barter and we do generate leads in house.We charge only if you are happy with the quality and to ensure that we send you free samples before you pay.
send us a simple email and we will get back to you with the solution to your problem.

Q  How Will The Leads Be Delivered, What Format?
A  CSV, TXT, or in some cases real-time api post.  (Batched leads are usually zipped in RAR or ZIP but not always)sharing download link through google share.

Q Are The Leads Filtered & Verified ?
A Our numerous sources that generate the leads are can-spam compliant and have promised us that the privacy polices allow 3rd parties to market to the leads.  If for any reason we find that a provider is not can-spam compliant, we will not continue our relationship with them. We normally request that the leads have website source, time/date, and IP to validate them, however, if the leads were generated via telemarketing, direct mail, etc then those fields aren’t usually included.

Q  What is your companies return policy?
A The return policy is very simple we send you the free samples leads before you pay so you dont have to apply for a return.

Q  What are the payment methods you accept?
A We accept wire transfers, direct deposits and PayPal (normally paypal subscriptions) depending on the type of lead feed you subscribe to. All billing is done by Leadsbazaar LLC. 

Q  How do I place the order?
A  Email or call us to let us know which verticals you want.

Q  How much do you charge for your leads?
A  Depends on the volume and the vertical you require pricing starts from $99.99 to $1999.99 you can send us your requirements and receive free price quotes in your emails.

Q How Long It Take To Deliver The Leads?
A Leads are delivered within 2 – 8 hours after received payment and they are uploaded on our secure server for you to download it, as soon as you download the leads list, they are deleted from our server or you can also get it in your email in csv format.

Q How Do You Assure The Quality?
A Quality of the leads means that leads are verified and generated in house as per clients requirements and we provide free samples to be more than sure about our quality.

Q What is the Customer Satisfaction Policy?
We offer 80% customer satisfaction guarantee on all leads we sell. If you would be unsatisfied with the leads you purchased from us we will provide a full list replacement as long as you can provide a valid reason and / or report that says that the quality was not as per your requirements.

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