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Here in the highly competitive market where the biggest problem a business are facing since centuries is sales?

According to research more than 90% business fail in the first 5 years.

(Due to lack of information how to do business)

Here we make it very simple for you to focus on your sales directly.

In a highly competitive market where sales opportunities arise unexpectedly, Calmlymat national account manager needed a better way to reach decision makers. He tried many other services and was unable to reach his goal.There was no way that he could achieve his rising sales goals using the traditional method of going door-to-door or visiting work-sites to attempt to meet prospects face-to-face.

He then tried to check some more options on the internet and found and drooped us a simple email with his requirements.

“Because my territory is the entire United States, I need an efficient and cost-effective way to get in front of decision makers,” he shared in the email. “I simply can’t justify the airfare and hotel expenses associated with the traditional way we’ve sold our services.” and i am very much frustrated as he is not able to get to the solution of his problem.

He knew that he needed a faster and more efficient way to contact prospects. The answer was sending emails and making telephone calls. To start selling smart, He needed contact information for leads nationwide and worldwide.

“” makes it very easy for me to get in front of decision makers without having to waste hours dealing with gatekeepers. Now that I have direct contact information that has been validated, I can focus my time and effort on closing deals.”

So he asked can we provide him a solution where he can just focus on sales and not multiple things as how to contact the decision makers?

The Solution Offered. – TARGETED SALES LEAD

His first attempt at a solution was signing up with some other companies Even though it’s marketed as “the fastest way to connect with the right decision maker,” He wasn’t happy with the service the would offer in return of money.

“My main problem with other companies was that the email addresses were not verified,” He explains. “I’d send out 300 emails only to have 200 bounce back as undelivered. That was completely unacceptable.” and he was not happy with this.

Things got so bad that He began requesting a credit on his monthly fee because he received so many useless emails. “After doing this a few times, I decided that I couldn’t deal with it anymore,” He says. “It was too frustrating. I had to move on to a different provider.” and see if there can be solution found to this problem.

Still committed to email prospecting, He searched for a better solution. That’s when he found ( He read through the website and determined that ( provided everything he was looking for. “When I took advantage of the free trial, I found that I liked the look and feel of the platform and its user-friendliness,” he says.

At the end of his free trial, he signed up. Now he has access to Leadsbazaar’s database of more than 108 million contacts in more than 200 countries worldwide. Most importantly, he can target his search using 50 criteria including job title, industry, geographic location, job function, management level, employee count, and technologies used.

The Result Achieved.

$15,000 IN FIRST 60 DAYS (HOW)

His success with using leads he received from ( was almost instantaneous. In the first 60 days he made $150,000 in sales. That represents a 43,% ROI on his small investment in” has enabled me to reach out nationwide,worldwide and penetrate geographic markets where we’ve never worked before,” he shares. “Being able to use the search function to directly target people in specific roles and within certain industries is a huge plus.” and adds up more money in the pocket he says.” works for Him because he has access to verified contact information. “” makes it very easy for me to get in front of decision makers without having to waste hours dealing with gatekeepers,” he explains and saves his time.

“Now that I have direct contact information that has been validated, I can focus my time and effort on closing deals.”

“He plans to use the time he saved to take his family to vacation“.he further added.

“And that is how we were able to get solution to the problem he was looking for”

Let us know what problems your business is facing now

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