How do I use purchased email lists?

Purchasing an email list means you’re on your way to implementing a successful outbound email campaign!

Here are some other aspects you’ll need to consider before sending to this purchased email list.

1. Make sure your list is clean and targeted to your buyer persona

A clean list means improved deliverability and therefore, before results. And a list that’s targeted to your buyer persona will perform vastly different than a list that has uninterested contacts.

2. Sending platform

Typical ESPs and MAs don’t allow sending to cold or purchased contacts. Their software is just simply not built for this type of sending – which is totally okay! You want to keep your opted-in list and cold list separately to ensure optimal sending. Check out Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software; it’s specifically designed to send to purchased email lists – safely, securely and reliably!

3. Content plan

Have a content or campaign plan in place. Determine what your first, second and even third email is going to look like and what it will say. Be agile enough to pivot and implement changes as you see results and metrics coming in.

4. Buy email list

Look out for multiple options online compare them with the quality and price see which one works good for your business and make the order you can try leads bazaar llc ‘s free email list samples by contacting us in the email now.

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