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It has almost been two years since I started working on growth marketing and lead generation . In the growth marketing team, we have been able to scale from 100 to +1500 demo requests by month, all while keeping the same impact on our new Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

During these past two years, we have tried almost everything to successfully scale lead generation. Some of it worked, others failed. But we did it as a team, and this gave us all valuable learning opportunities.

Instead of giving you actionable tactics about marketing acquisition in this post, I will give you four insights to scale lead generation and maintain a sustainable level of performance.

We don’t generate leads, instead we generate GPMRR

The main KPI we use to drive our lead generation strategy is the GPMRR. (Growth Potential Monthly Recurring Revenue). It’s a custom metric  to help our Sales Development Representatives (SDR) measure their monthly performance. It represents the potential MRR of a new lead qualified into opportunity by a member of our SDR team. This metric is used both for outbound and inbound. We realized early that it made sense for our growth marketing team to be aligned with the monthly revenue target of the sales.

When you have medium to long sales conversion cycles, using an intermediate metric like GPMRR facilitates the ROI calculation for marketing team. Indeed, the conversion process “lead to deal” is very short and gives us the possibility to be very reactive in our acquisition strategy and validate some tests. To monitor our day to day results, we cross-reference our GPMRR with our different Marketing Campaigns (Growth/Paid/Organic etc) on a dedicated dashboard.

Know your buyer’s persona better than yourself

We took a lot of time to understand what kind of humans our customers are. Nothing really new here, but many marketing teams try to guess their customer’s personas, behaviors, personalities instead of really understanding them. We called key industry people, we collected feedback from sales teams, and most importantly: we took the insights of our support team (Payroll and HR experts) at the heart of our lead generation strategy. Indeed, this team is the closest to our customers and has the most intimate knowledge of their needs and how to speak to them.

Develop a Sales DNA in your Marketing team

The process that has been developed to guide the lead generation and the SDR teams has worked very smoothly. The two teams work with the same tools (Hubspot, Slack, Notion) to keep information in a central location which helps us achieve our common global monthly target.

As a quick example, we could have managed the lead attribution workflows with Hubspot only, but we also decided to create a dedicated Slack channel for inbound lead attribution. It’s a way to create emulation while sparking great conversations about each interesting company who is looking for more information about PayFit. We optimized this channel with lead scoring and custom notifications to keep each SDR close to their leads.

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