How can I get free sales leads?

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  1. Send effective emails. Email. …
  2. Track your website visitors count . …
  3. Leverage social media marketing. …
  4. Improve your Aesthetic. …
  5. Optimize your blog content regularly. …
  6. Utilize guest posts. …
  7. Partner with many influencer. …
  8. Increase your customer referrals.

f you can generate leads, it’s one of the most effective ways to keep costs low while maximizing your company’s earnings potential. But it’s a tough thing to do.

So we’re back with an update to provide you with a few more ways you can start generating a greater number of free leads. Let’s get into it.

Getting your company to generate leads for free is a great way to set your business up for success – you free up the money you would have spent on finding those leads for other important parts of your company. Here are three additional strategies you can try to start getting more free leads.

Generate leads for free: The Value

Creating a steady stream of leads is essential for growth and profitability, but it can be expensive work. According to one analysis, the average Cost Per Lead (CPL) for B2B companies is $198. It may cost businesses nearly $200 to acquire someone who isn’t a paying customer yet. 

If we take a closer look at this dollar amount, we’ll see the most common methods of types of lead generation costs:

  • Advertising costs 
  • Media distribution and outreach costs 
  • In-house labor or third-party agency costs  
  • Incentive costs, like discounts, samples, and coupons 
  • Contact list purchasing or renting costs (not recommended if you want high-quality leads) 

1. Send effective emails 

Email is arguably the most popular channel for lead generation, and for good reason. Email produces an estimated $38 for every $1 spent, or a whopping 3,800% return on investment (ROI). It’s consumers’ preferred method of communication with businesses, making it ideal for introductions and follow-ups.

Grab your reader’s attention:

Personalize your message: 

Optimize the logistics:

Include a clear call-to-action: 

2. Track your website visitors

Consider this: The people who visit your website are likely interested in your product or service, so they definitely deserve a spot on your list of prospects. But if they leave before signing up or making a purchase, they remain anonymous forever

Some Low-cost options for advertising online:

As you’ve read above, there are many ways you can advertise your company and its products without paying a dime. 

While these strategies work, paying to run ads is still effective because it helps you reach people who might not otherwise see your content.

That’s why we’ve included this section. It covers four low-cost options for paid online advertising. You can advertise on these sites without breaking your budget.

Amazon Ads

If you sell a physical product, Amazon ads are perhaps the most cost-effective way to get it in front of more people. The cost per click for these rarely goes above $0.35 – one of the best rates of any platform.

On top of that, people go to Amazon because they already want to make a purchase. The same isn’t true on many other platforms you might pay to advertise on.

That means with Amazon ads you’re accessing a group of highly motivated buyers at a highly affordable price point. PSA: This strategy might not work if you sell a digital good like software.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can also be affordable to run. The average cost per click on the platform is $1.76. But that cost varies based on the industry you’re in and the specific audience you’re targeting.

For example, the average cost per click on Facebook for an education company is just $1.06. That means you may be able to run ads on Facebook at a competitive price point.

Plus, Facebook has the largest active user base of any social media network. That doesn’t just mean you have a bigger potential pool to target with your ads; it means you can get more specific about defining your ideal ad audience.

Google Banner Ads

Google Banner ads are another cost-effective way to expand your marketing reach. These banners are run on ad-enabled websites, including most sites you visit. A Google banner ad’s average cost per click is under $0.58

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are great for selling physical products like clothes, pet supplies, and outdoor gear. 

These advertisements pop up when you perform a Google search and click on the “shopping” tab on the results page. When you pay for a Google Shopping ad, your product goes up to the top of that page. 

This strategy lets you reach a motivated group of buyers at an affordable price. The average cost per click for Google Shopping ads is just $0.66 – but your exact CPC will depend on your industry and your keyword bidding strategy.

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