30+ Customer Acquisition Tactics to Scale Your Business (2023/24)

Customer Acquisition Tactics to Scale Your Business leads bazaar llc


Scaling a business requires a consistent influx of new customers. In today’s competitive landscape, it is essential to have a diverse range of customer acquisition tactics to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition. This handbook provides a comprehensive list of over 230 customer acquisition tactics to help you scale your business in 2023. From traditional marketing methods to cutting-edge digital strategies, this guide covers a wide array of tactics to suit various industries and budgets. Read on to explore the extensive range of customer acquisition techniques and discover new ways to attract and retain customers.

Digital Marketing Tactics:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Chatbot Integration

Traditional Marketing Tactics:

Print Advertising
Direct Mail Marketing
Radio and TV Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
Event Sponsorship
Cold Calling
Networking Events
Referral Programs

Website Optimization Tactics:

User Experience (UX) Design
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
A/B Testing
Landing Page Optimization
Website Personalization
Website Speed Optimization
Chat Support Integration
Content Creation and Distribution Tactics:
Guest Blogging
E-books and Whitepapers
Video Tutorials
Social Media Content
Press Releases

Community Building Tactics:

Online Forums and Communities
Social Media Groups
Customer Advocacy Programs
Online Contests and Giveaways
User-Generated Content
Online Reviews and Testimonials
Partnership and Collaboration Tactics:
Joint Ventures
Co-marketing Campaigns
Affiliate Partnerships
Influencer Collaborations
Industry Association Partnerships

Customer Retention Tactics:

Personalized Email Campaigns
Loyalty Programs
Customer Referral Programs
Exclusive Discounts and Offers
Post-Purchase Follow-ups
Customer Feedback and Surveys
Emerging Trends and Technologies:
Voice Search Optimization
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences
Chatbot and AI-Powered Customer Service
Social Commerce
Blockchain Technology for Trust and Transparency


With over 30 customer acquisition tactics at your disposal, this handbook provides a comprehensive resource to scale your business in 2023. From digital marketing strategies to traditional advertising methods, content creation, website optimization, community building, partnership opportunities, and emerging technologies, there are endless possibilities to attract and retain customers. Experiment with different tactics, analyze the results, and tailor your approach to suit your target audience and industry. By implementing a diverse range of customer acquisition techniques, you can drive sustainable business growth and stay ahead in the competitive marketplace.

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